I had Gardo, Richard, and Derek in my Bridal Shower

Bridal shower is the most exciting part of of preparing a wedding. From the booze, sweets, foods, and sizzling aaaaaabbbs, it is an exciting rite of passage for any bride to be. And the best thing about bridal showers, is that you get to celebrate it and be crazy and wild together with your best friends/bridesmaids.


It never crossed my mind that I’ll be having my very own bridal shower. Being invited to one is possible, but having my OWN? Well, I seriously never thought about it.


So when I got engaged, and finalized my entourage, I thought it would be nice to have one. So I forced my MOH who happens to be my little sister to give me one. I talked to her, and jokingly, but with a serious face, told her I wanted a bridal shower. I even threatened her that if she won’t give me that, I will not do the same courtesy on her wedding, and will do all things that will make her feel guilty for the rest of her life. LOL


I even connived with my titas to talk to her and help her in arranging a bridal party for me. And good thing, my titas are so supportive that they will also force her to do it.


I know I have a very slim chance to get that party from my sister. And it’s totally okay. I already accepted the fact that I’ll be a Mrs. without experiencing such wonderful and exciting event.


That’s why I was really surprised and happy to receive one hell of a bridal party from my best friends.




Since one of my bridesmaids (though not included in the invitation, because she’s leaving before my wedding) just came back from Korea, we planned to have an overnight party in a hotel. We had it planned, even before I got engaged. So I never suspected anything.


What happened was, my friend and I went to buy some take out dinner, while two of my friends stayed at the hotel. When we got back, it took them a while to open the door. Then when I opened it, there was darkness and some colorful lights, and I was surprised to see my two friends wearing really cute flower crowns while dancing in a disco music.


Then there was a table full of sweets and goodies! There was even wine! But what shocked me most was not the bad dancing of my friends, but the naked photos of Derek Ramsey, Gardo Versosa, and Richard Gomez plastered in paper flowers.




The photos are very indecent… To give you an idea, here’s a captured close up photo of my sexy paper bridal strippers.




SO HOT! Gardo Versoza on the floor.


Then I asked one of my friends, where did she get those. She said, she asked her father for names of sexy actors and had it printed. I just can’t imagine the awkwardness. But thanks! This is so sweet.


Not just this, everything is so sweet and nice.


From the flower crowns, the personalized sashes, the sweets and cupcakes, the wine, and most of all the efforts and memories that we shared in that four cornered hotel room together with those hotties.


To cap the night, we put the disco light inside the bathroom and pretended that we were in a bar. Yep, we literally had a bridal SHOWER there. LOL


I was really happy. I really though I won’t be getting any bridal shower. But well, friends are there to make your tiny dreams come true.


Thank you so much girls for that colorful, sweet, unforgettable and super wholesome bridal shower.


Can’t wait to do it next time with you! Hahaha

But for now, sharing you some of our photos.


The custom-made sash courtesy of the ever-creative Mawi.


Feeling like a princess with the colorful flower crowns while eating take out food.


The beautiful with a heart, color coordinated bridesmaids.


The happy bride surrounded with sweets and indecent photos of men.


The colorful sweets and the some hotties.


My unsuspecting face, with their all out smiles.


Love lots,

Soon-to-be Mrs. F


How about you? How’s your bridal party? Share your stories below! You can also share some tips on how to have an awesome bridal shower! Calling out all the MOH out there! Hahahaha



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