The Horror Wedding Gown

Upon knowing that I’m getting married, I did what a normal bride-to-be would do – search the internet for the perfect bridal gown. And luckily, without spending so much time surfing, I found the best design. I instantly fell in love with it. And I know it would be the dress that I will be wearing when I walk down the aisle.


I found the design in an online shop ( The dress cost at a discounted price of P3,895. Pretty cheap for a wedding gown. I’m not into online shopping. So what I did is get the design and asked a couturier to do it for me. The customized gown costs P18,000 to P25,000. This is only for one time use. So you have to give the gown back after the wedding. Pretty expensive for something that won’t be yours after.


Since we have 2 months to prepare, I still have time to  find other suppliers to make the gown.  Everyday, I look at the gown at that online store. And I just can’t help but feel excited just by looking at it.


I want it.


I really want it.


Really, really want it.


It is the gown that I want to wear, nothing else.


So one day, as I marvel at the beauty of the gown on my laptop, I noticed a drop on its discounted price. From a discounted price of P3,895 it became P2,895. I can’t believe it!


So what I did…


I finally decided to order the dress.


It is cash on delivery. So I’m not worried if it is a scam or not, since I have to pay it once it arrived. So I didn’t hesitate to click the order button. And I thought P2,895 is not that expensive for a dress.


As the online store promised, the dress arrived after 3 days. I was at work when my mom told me the wedding gown have arrived. I was so thrilled. I wanted to go home immediately to see my bridal gown. My mom and tita opened the package to check the item. They told me it was decent and very simple. Well, that is what I want. Since we have this custom of not wearing the bridal dress before the wedding, my tita wore it for me. It did not fit her as she has a slimmer body compared to mine.


Again, my tita told me it was good and simple.


So when I got home, my eyes immediately focused on the box on our dining area. I can’t wait to see it and so I opened the box.


I was left speechless.


It is a horror wedding gown!


The cloth is made of poor quality. The lace is glued to a thin see-through fabric. There were stains of glue every where. The pleats are so outdated. The lower body of the dress is made of weird material.


My mom and tita were nice enough to call it good and simple. But it is nothing like that.


I asked my sister to try it for me to see if the fitting is good.


She tried it out and said, “I look like a zombie bride… argh argh (failed attempt to imitate zombie sound).”


I cried.


It’s hard to accept that it’s not what I expected. I’m really, really disappointed and upset to the point that I lost my mood in the whole wedding preparation. I wasted money and I feel stupid.


I cry hard every time I imagine myself wearing that dress. It was horrible.


After that, I slept with a very sad heart.


I’m going back to square one. I’m going to find the ideal bridal gown design again. And I will never ever order online.


Very sad,

The zombie soon-to-be Mrs. F



Do you have the same experience? Share them on the comment box below and let us all learn from our mistakes.



I’ll be sharing tomorrow some of the suppliers we found and the costs/packages they offer.


Thank you for reading and sympathizing with me!


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