Help! I have ugly skin rashes!

Exactly 67 days before our wedding and I still have a big scar on my right arm and neck, dry skin and acne on my face, and rashes at my back so irritating I want to cry.


In my entire life, these are the worst skin problems I have experienced so far. And the choose to appear at the moment I am preparing for our BIG day.


Lucky me.


As far as I can remember, I don’t have sensitive skin. Running water and ordinary soap are enough to clean my face and body. I don’t even put anything on my face, except when I’m feeling fancy and like to try some really nice face masks to give moisture to my skin. But since then, I have not experienced any skin allergies or rashes or worst acne.


So why am I suffering right now? Of all time, why now?


I’m so upset and frustrated that I shared my situation to one of my bridesmaids. She was kind enough to sympathize with me. Thanks to her, I found out that I am not the only would-be-bride having this situation. She said that there are other brides out there suffering the same fate (sometimes worst). And all these are because of… STRESS!




To tell you honestly, I don’t feel like I’m stressed. I manage my work properly, I spend time with my loved ones and friends, I go out and relax whenever I want. So, how can I be so stressed?


Then it hit me.


I may not want to accept it. But I’m in fact stressed. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping these days. And often I get distracted during work. And that’s all because I’ve been thinking about our wedding.


My loving bridesmaid was right.


The rashes, the acne and other horrifying things happening in my body right now are all because I’m a super stressed BRIDEZILLA… RAR!


But as I have said, I’m not the only one.


According to my bridesmaid, there was this one bride, in her attempt to look good and glowing on her wedding day, she put every possible cream and whatnots on her face. But what happened was, an army of acne broke out on the day of her wedding.


Right now, I’m so upset and frustrated with my situation, and it’s not even my wedding day. So I can’t imagine the frustration of that poor bride.


I don’t know how all these rashes and acne will heal. I already went to a dermatologist to have it checked. But it didn’t work out. Right now, I’m trying my best to:

  1. Avoid using cream or lotion or potion that can worsen it
  2. Eat food that can help my skin be healthy, and avoid food that are harmful to my body
  3. Try to relax and not overthink
  4. Be positive and pray hard for the well-being of the two of us (my groom <3)


If these skin conditions are still here until my wedding day, I will just accept the fact that it is here. There’s no use crying or stressing over something that you cannot control.


It’s indeed upsetting, but the least thing that you can do about it is to let it go.


Besides, your groom still loves you no matter how you look. And that’s so comforting.


How about you? Are you experiencing the same too? Or do you know someone who has the same situation? Share in the comments below and let’s comfort each other with love.


Love lots,

A hopeful soon-to-be Mrs. F

This was written on my wedding diary/wedding note last 19 January 2017 (Thursday).

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